We build smart brands, that matter.      


We are a Brand Marketing Agency helping businesses outsmart & outpace their competitors through intelligent design.

We believe our role is to visually communicate your brand. However, our obligation is to protect, guide and support your brand through its personalised marketing process.

We get fired up when clients realise they CAN do all those things that others have said they CAN’T.

It drives us to find the diamond in the rough, that piece of the puzzle that makes you shine so bright, you simply can’t be ignored. 

Threading this DNA through the fabric of your brand, combined with commercial insight, emotional intelligence and intuitive creative is the foundation to a smart brand that commands attention.

We are PEOPLE people. Building relationships, businesses and positively impacting the lives of our clients, and theirs. 



How Can We Help


Ready to launch your big idea, business or become a celebrity. We can help define WHO you are and articulate what makes you so damn good and build a visual identity to give you a polished look. 

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Ready to take your business to a professional level.  We make that happen by aligning our Brand Foundation and Website Creation with a full brand guide across all digital platforms.

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Ready to be a brand that MATTERS.. We get it! To take over the world, we're ready to collaborate, build your kick-ass brand and marketing strategy to outclass and outsmart your competitors. 

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What our clients have to say

I feel blessed to have partnered with such a talented Brand Designer!  Telia completed our end to end business rebranding to stand out from our competitors and better engage with our clients. A powerful brand identity, Telia supplied all our marketing material - Logo, Brand, Flyers, Business Cards, all content and images for Website etc. Telia has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts, create exceptional visuals and content with minimal revision – and all within the committed deadlines. I have since referred 7 customers to Design Governess and cant speak highly enough about the work they deliver !!

Matthew Andrews Director
Pivotal Financial

Thank you so much Telia for all of your hard work towards my branding. It was a really enjoyable experience that you took me through so you could find out what I wanted my brand to feel like (even though I didn't even really know myself). You then somehow managed to turn that concept in to a work of art.I absolutely love my branding and feel very proud to show it off when I'm doing business.
Danielle Fordyce Director
D.Maree Finance

Marketing is more than a website, social media postings and advertising.  Marketing incorporates a brand which upholds the ethos and values of the business.  The challenge for many is finding a Branding Agent who understands the necessity for the brand to enhance and align with business goals, aspirations and remain enduring.  

For me that isTelia. I LOVE working with her for my clients.  Telia's 27+ years experience shows through with ease, simplicity and magic.  I've had clients cry with joy because she just 'gets' it.  
Andrea Anderson Chief Ideas Specialist
Your Marketing Machines