The Organic Simplicity brand is not like any other skin clinic. Its a heart-centred space where science and nature meet so beauty is created and individual needs are met. They design rejuvenation plans and treatments, using state of the art clinical machines with a genuine desire to help women fall in love with their skin again... and again.

We were engaged by Organic Simplicity to reposition their brand to align with the heart of WHO the owners are and the location of their clinic, and gain better quality leads.   When Design Governess and Your Marketing Machines create brands for physical premises, we like to experience first hand the journey taken by their clients.  To capture any textures, colours, graphic devices that we can weave through the digital and marketing collateral so that every interaction online and in print acts as an introduction to the brand.  It is also an opportunity to see where there may be opportunities to redesign the premise to improve the experience. Sometimes clients get caught in the "what's trending" and the flow on from that is a very ho hum office or clinic. We were delighted Emma and Lee embraced the change required to create a sanctuary that reflected the natural textures and creativity of THEM that blended beautifully Emma's process and personality.. 

Unfortunately for Organic Simplicity, we were ready to relaunch just as the world shut down.   This required a whole new strategic plan to keep them connected to their audience.  That wonderful word "PIVOT" that everyone talked about is exactly what we did.  Emma had created her own line of skin care products so we decided to rebrand and relaunch these so that her clients could keep their skin healthy and happy.

The results - Organic Simplicity went from 400 followers to over 1000 followers through an organic (pardon the pun) growth. Emma was also booked out for the first three months once the doors were open.

The product branding aligned to the core brand and went from a home made appearance to professional and increased her sales by 25%. 

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