Your Marketing Machines is a marketing strategy & communications company servicing all business from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They are Passionate Marketers for all enterprises, where things ENTREPRENEURIAL really do matter. As Marketing Strategists they are the glue between their clients' business desires and what marketing can achieve - identifying BEST-FIT solutions to improve bottom-line profitability. Everything begins with having the right strategy, aligning business' vision with goals, and implementing with confidence.

Whether you are in start up phase, business resuscitation, pivot and growth or looking to exit, they have a number of unique strategies but more importantly, they 

"Create ideas to ignite your business". 

 I was engaged by YMM to redesign what was originally a "quick-fix logo", as well as their Marketing Blueprint collateral which led us down an amazing path to discovering exactly what the YMM brand stood for.  With my 26 years in the marketing and advertising industry, it was easy to identify the disconnect the brand had with the solutions they provide, and did not reflect the calibre of expertise nor the personality and vibrancy of their Chief Ideas Specialist, Andrea Anderson (yep, we workshopped that title too). 

People do business with people.  We love using colour to connect brands with customers, so it's no surprise the colour palette we chose for Andrea are as energetic as her personality, and how she does business.  
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