Robotic Pool Cleaners 2U (RPC2U) is Brisbane West’s only mobile showroom for robotic pool cleaners, by professionals who work at the coalface of pool restoration, beautification and maintenance.

RPC2U supply state of the art robotic products using Smart Engineering and Energy Saving Technology for pool owners who are actively seeking convenient automation solutions to save time & energy, whilst reducing their carbon footprint and wanting a safer, cleaner and healthier pool for their family. A Robotic Pool Cleaner is, above everything, The smart way to clean your pool. 


The Core Brand  is a mobile showroom supplying state of the art robotic products matched to pool and owners needs, with guidance from professional technicians.

Smart Engineering, Energy Saving, Healthier Pools and Convenience were key brand messages.

From the get-go, we knew technology was the focus.

Language and tone embrace the owners (also owners of Premium Pools and Gardens) established reputation for understanding how customers want to use their space, and delivering tailored solutions to meet those needs.

Budget is understood, and expectations exceeded.

The customer demographic is conscious and active in optimising energy and environmental impact - reducing carbon footprint and saving money, seeking smart, convenient automation solutions to save time, and the feelings associated with having the greatest and latest gadgets that also make their pool healthy for their family.

Brand and marketing approach comprise of two components, directly engaging the customer from two directions outlined in the Thinking section;
= Smart products, Smart Showroom, Saving Time, Saving Money, Convenient.
LIFESTYLE = Optimising Energy, Environmentally conscious, Clean and Safe for Family.

Speak to one of our team members on 0402 422 753 for more information or Contact Us


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