The Centenary Pool Mart brand understands Queenslanders’ love affair for the outdoors and our backyards, especially when it includes a clear blue pool.

Every customer of CPM has a healthy clean pool that is sunny and inviting by day and shimmering and ambient by night... year-round.

Offering the latest in equipment, cleaning and accessories, teamed with decades of in-depth industry knowledge and expertise...  

Centenary Pool Mart is the place for  Crystal Clear Advice and professional service.

The new owners of Centenary Pool Mart happen to be the owners of PPG. By building long term relationships with our clients, the Design Governess process and methodology makes it so easy to duplicate, regardless of the service or industry. So when this team decides to buy a business, they know exactly what it takes to get it up and running.  

The most important factor considered here was the shop and it's original owners have served Brisbane West residents for over 30 years and therefore BIG change can create uncertainty with customers.

It was important to honor the old logo and create a revolution by keeping similar colours, removing green (green is never a good association with pools, right?) add water lines which can be implemented throughout the signage and marketing.

Through our brand and business discovery, we also identified that the owners would consider owning multiple franchises. This meant that we had to assure regardless of the location, the suburb name doesn't impact the overall brand identity.

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